Welcome to the Mil-Safarit website!

Mil-Safarit is specialized in organizing a wide range of events, from bachelor and bachelorette parties to firm events, as well as off road safaris in military vehicles for groups of up to 70 people.
Mil-Safarit has been active since 2006.

We have seven different activity options for you to choose from (see the Safari-tab), but we can also customize an event to your specific needs. Whether you are a first timer or have years of experience in off road driving, we will provide you with the appropriate safety training and give you guidance in driving the vehicle. The drive will follow tracks laid down in the terrain, which is situated in Pornainen, within the Uusimaa region (50 kilometres from Helsinki). We will also provide you with camouflage outfits. Our vehicles are similar to those used by the Finnish Defence Forces.


Mil-safarit Oy, Metsolantie 56, 07170 Pornainen.
TEL: +358 50-375 0859
EMAIL: mika(AT)mil-safarit.com